Hanasakeru Seishounen Licensed; Hell-Fansubs Officially Dropping Show

August 3rd, 2009 § 17 comments § permalink

Much to my chagrin, I wake up this morning to find a post on our site talking about the progress on the show, but it ultimately raises hopes for some that are soon to be dashed.

Some of you might complain about how this will restrict viewers that are outside of USA/Canada, but the reality is that what we do is illegal, and once the show is licensed here, we will drop it. Others may complain that you still have to wait for episodes 12.5 to 15, and some others may think this post is long overdue. In any event, considering the current deplorable state of the anime industry in Japan, I, for one, will be happy to know that some money will be going back.

We thank the fans for all the support and hope that you have enjoyed it as much as we have, and we hope to see some of you on Crunchyroll!

Update: Episode 13 was recently released (August 30, 2009) on Crunchyroll’s site.

Crunchyroll’s HanaSei news post ; Crunchyroll’s HanaSei releases



It’s Been A Long Wait

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Hanasakeru Seishōnen Shōjo is taking forever!!!
Hopefully, it won’t be too long. I know most of you are waiting since that’s all one can do. We are almost done. That’s all the news for today.

3rd Name Revision and Upcoming Episode

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Thanks to a comment posted by Layla, it was brought to our attention that “Laginay” is spelled “Raginei” in the manga. This is a perfectly acceptable spelling, and we will be using it in upcoming releases. This also means spellings that have to do with Raginei will change accordingly, like their deity which would be spelled as Ragi. We thank Layla and encourage others to continue bringing up issues.

Manga - Kingdom of Raginei

We would also like to take this moment to talk about the upcoming episode scheduled at the usual time slot in Japan. It’s going to be a summary/recap episode, supposedly from the point of view of our beloved bodyguard, Toranosuke Haga. I suppose you can call it “episode 12.5″. Episode 13 is scheduled for the regular time in Japan on July 5th.

Toranosuke Haga

Toranosuke Haga

2nd Name Revision to HanaSei Series

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After some further thought, we at Hell-Fansubs have decided to change Isaac Noeh’s name to Is’haq Noeh. Given that Laginay is most likely a country based off of Malaysia, which also has strong ties to Islam/Arabic, “Isaac” is just is too “English.” With that in mind, we hope to see more of Is’haq Noeh in upcoming episodes.

Update: We’d also like to thank emevol and Repede for providing more insight into this change.

Thank you for understanding, and we hope to count on your continued support.

Is'haq Noeh

Is'haq Noeh

HanaSei OP/ED Theme Revision

May 26th, 2009 § 0 comments § permalink

With the advent of J-Min’s CD “Change / One” and the “Hanasakeru Seishounen OST” (both with a May 27th, 2009 release date), Hell-Fansub’s romanization and translation of the opening and ending theme songs will change accordingly.

OP Theme

OP Theme

ED Theme

ED Theme

Hanasakeru Seishounen Video Quality Comparison

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Some of you, if not all, have noticed the various incarnations of our releases. We started off at a hundred-fifty megabytes and now have settled at a hundred megabytes releases. We do not use transport stream raws, which are the highest quality raws most readily available, for our releases.

However, we have managed to obtain a transport stream raw for the first episode and have decided to do a quick video quality comparison. Please note that the transport stream raw is interlaced, so you might notice that in the screenshot rips. None of the images have been edited, upscaled, or downscaled. Because we are using three different episodes for comparison, we can only use images from the opening and ending, which have not changed throughout the series so far.

The three comparisons used will be the episode one transport stream raw (1.8 gb), episode one Hell-Fansubs release (150 mb), and episode five Hell-Fansubs release (100 mb).

The formatting on our site is not entirely conducive to the size of the screenshots, so please download them here.

Please feel free to leave comments, questions, criticisms etc.

Name Revision to HanaSei Series

May 3rd, 2009 § 1 comment § permalink

Since episode two, one character has popped up in Hanasakeru Seishounen as an inner force of the Fang to oppose our levelheaded Li-ren. We at Hell-Fansubs went with the name of Fang Tong-sheng, but upon further inspection of the ending credits that includes voice actors, have decided to change this character’s name to Fang Dong-xuan (倣東旋) to be more accurate to a Chinese pronounciation.

As fansubbers, we realize that names are a tricky business and try to use the same names throughout a series for continuity. However, this change to a character (albeit a somewhat minor one?) irked us enough to warrant a post. We apologize to those who may have become accustomed to the old name. We thank you for your understanding and hope to count on the fans for continued support.

Li-ren's Uncle

Li-ren's Uncle

New Shows for a New Year

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A new year has come and it looks like we can bring you more anime so you can enjoy it. There has been a couple of good shows this winter but not as many would have liked. Nonetheless there are some shows that never disappoint and always keep us happy.

This year we went with a new site to keep things simple. We will keep adding new information as we progress during the early part of the year. Hopefully everyone makes it out alive and gets to enjoy themselves.