3rd Name Revision and Upcoming Episode

June 26th, 2009 § 19 comments

Thanks to a comment posted by Layla, it was brought to our attention that “Laginay” is spelled “Raginei” in the manga. This is a perfectly acceptable spelling, and we will be using it in upcoming releases. This also means spellings that have to do with Raginei will change accordingly, like their deity which would be spelled as Ragi. We thank Layla and encourage others to continue bringing up issues.

Manga - Kingdom of Raginei

We would also like to take this moment to talk about the upcoming episode scheduled at the usual time slot in Japan. It’s going to be a summary/recap episode, supposedly from the point of view of our beloved bodyguard, Toranosuke Haga. I suppose you can call it “episode 12.5″. Episode 13 is scheduled for the regular time in Japan on July 5th.

Toranosuke Haga

Toranosuke Haga

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  • avatar anjyaera says:

    Hello…this is my first comment here…Thanks for always subbing the episodes early :) ..umm…
    Lumati should be Rumaty and li-ren should be Lee-leng (but i think li-ren is easier)..you can see their correct name spelling somewhere here…


  • avatar alefin says:

    Thank you for the comment and information, Anjyaera.

    As far as spellings go for Lumati, to our knowledge, it was never romanized in the manga. Because the dubious nature of the “Lee-leng” spelling for Li-ren’s name does not lend much credence to the soundtrack insert as a “romanized name” source, we will not be changing that name as of this time.

    We use the pinyin system ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pinyin ) to romanize Chinese names. Li-ren’s name in Chinese is 倣立人 . If you take those characters and input them into any Chinese-English dictionary ( here’s one that popped off google, http://www.kawa.net/works/cantonese/ccdict.html , choose “Mandarin” as it’s defaulted on “Cantonese” ), it will spit out “Li” and “Ren” as a romanization, along with “Fang” for the surname and not “Huang.”

  • avatar anjyaera says:

    oh…okay :)

  • avatar des says:

    Great work so far guys, really!
    I was wondering if you were considering subbing this recap/summary episode as well, or do you merely see it as a waste of time? Thanks in advance, anyway.

  • avatar alefin says:

    Thank you for the comment and inquiry, Des.

    Yes, we will be subbing the recap episode. It needs to go through one more step before release, but rest assured, it will be done. Any episode of HanaSei is always welcome. It’s not really extra work for us.

  • avatar Phantom Cat says:

    i realize that you’ve probably been asked this question a bajillion times, but it seems that the episodes of Hanasakeru after episode 12 were released late and aren’t subbed accordingly yet. So I was wondering when episodes 12.5, 13, and 14 were gtoing to be released in subbed version.

    PS- You guys do awesome jobs on the subs! :)

  • avatar alefin says:

    Thank you for the comment and concern. Episodes 12.5 – 14 have aired, and 15 will air in Japan on July 19th. We have not released any of those episodes yet, as they are still pending approval by our staff. We thank you for your patience and understanding.

  • avatar Sandra_dee27 says:

    hey u guys r great really but when will the hanasei eps get subbed? thanks :)

  • avatar alefin says:

    Thank you for posting. We apologize for the delay, but the episodes will be released when they are ready. Unfortunately, we do not have an approximate date or time. As usual, when they are released, it will be posted here on our site as well as animesuki’s site.

    We thank you for your patience.

  • avatar Sandra_dee27 says:

    ok thanks

  • avatar Sarah says:

    Sorry for being impatient .. but it is now the 2nd of August – Shouldn’t the staff approval have been carried out? We’ve been waiting a very long time now?

  • avatar eclair says:

    Since crunchyroll took HanaSei…will you guys be dropping it? ……..*tears on the verge of coming out* please don’t. i love ur work the best. =(

  • avatar Wija-chan says:

    Idk where the Japanese get their idea that if you romanize Li-Ren’s name, Lee-Leng comes out…lawl xD
    But I’ll stick with that name, since it IS “official,” I guess…but I’m pronouncing it as Li-Ren…still. xD

  • avatar alefin says:

    In general, I don’t put too much stock into how a name is romanized in anime, especially if it’s something other than an English type of name, and even then . . .

    A somewhat good example is in the Full Metal Panic anime (sort of old, but I watched it again recently lol) where the soldier names were being subtitled in the later episodes. A.D. Vision romanized these names differently than how they appeared in the actual animated frames.

  • Avatar should be named the most creative movie to date.

  • avatar Rodger Wah says:

    Thanks for posting this episode, I was waiting for it :) , damn cliffhangers…

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